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Make Safety Your New Years Resolution

Making meaningful resolutions is a great way to start a new year in the way that you mean to go on. Yet so many of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions before we reach Valentine’s Day. One great resolution to consider is learning how to save a life. First aid training is crucial, yet easily postponed in a busy working life. As is looking after the health of not just yourself but also your employees, colleagues and business contacts. Here are some crucial New Year’s resolutions that will help create a healthier, safer workplace.

First aid training for all

As mentioned above, learning how to save a life or ease someone’s medical symptoms until an ambulance arrives is crucial and can make a massive difference to many people. Receiving formal training on the right way to react in a medical emergency in the workplace is the perfect New Year resolution to implement, and it can be arranged quickly and easily through an accredited first aid training organisation.

Healthier eating

Trying to eat more healthily and encouraging colleagues to do the same may seem a dull plan, but following a beneficial diet ensures that you receive optimum nutrition and boost your immune system to fight off colds and viruses that can interrupt business via staff absence. Replacing sweets and cakes in the office with easily-accessible fruit bowls and healthy snacks will also help lower people’s sugar consumption and remove temptation.

Emergency response revamp

Every office should have their emergency plan in place but how long has it been since the plan was reassessed and revamped to take in any changes, e.g. in personnel, office layout or business functions? Take time this month to plan mock evacuation exercises and to carry out a thorough risk assessment to make sure everyone is accounted for and can be assisted to safety in an emergency.

Happiness boost

A happy workforce is a healthier and more motivated one. Contented staff will be less likely to take time off for illness and eager to throw their weight behind business projects and aspirations. Setting up, or continuing initiatives that allow staff to feel valued in a company is a great New Year’s resolution to consider, with schemes such as regular feedback sessions, idea boxes and staff outings all great ways to ensure motivation.

Avoid trips and slips

Watching out for health hazards in the workplace, such as trailing flexes, unsteady cabinets and overflowing storage boxes will go a very long way to preventing accidents at work. Especially true in the case of schools, nurseries etc., where children are present and not exactly known for watching where they are going. Factories and workshops housing machinery should also be subject to regular checks to make sure the equipment is working correctly and does not pose any risks to the resident workforce or anyone else.

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