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New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition — GDL Tool Kit

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Resources in tool kit are grouped by level of awareness


If you’re looking for resources to help you and/or your organization, school, business or community group learn more about New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) program -- a three-step process designed to help teen drivers gain experience and build skill while minimizing those things that cause them the greatest risk -- you’ve come to the right place.

 Whether you know a lot or a little about GDL, this tool kit is designed to facilitate greater awareness, education and advocacy of the proven principles of graduated driver licensing.

If you and/or your audience have limited or no real knowledge of GDL, the resources provided in the “Encourage” section focus on the basics.  They’re designed to ensure that parents and teens know that New Jersey has a Graduated Driver License law and that it is the best tool for reducing teen crash risk.  Use of these materials should encourage your audience to learn more.

Before you educate others, make sure you know the basics of GDL and are comfortable sharing what you know. Visit

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