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Three common situations to avoid

Safe Kids Buckle Up addresses the three ways children can be injured in non-traffic related incidents in and around cars. While the majority of deaths to children involving motor vehicles are traffic related, approximately ten percent of deaths are reported as non-traffic related.

Non-traffic related deaths include children killed in driveways, parking lots and on sidewalks, as well as other off-road locations. They are generally pedestrians but may also be on bikes or other wheeled toys or vehicles.


Spot the tot eaches parents and caregivers to take a quick walk around their vehicles before driving to make sure that there are no children or other objects around the vehicle. 

The few second walk-around should be performed at home, on the street, and in parking lots.  Many children are injured each year in driveways and parking lots.


NLYCA educates parents and caregivers about the danger of leaving children alone in cars.


SKBU reminds parents, caregivers, and children that vehicles are not play areas.  This includes trunks, which may seem harmless, but can result in accidental entrapment. 

All cars made after 2001 are equipped with a trunk handle release in case of accidental entrapment.

Parents and caregivers should first look in trunks if missing children cannot be found quickly.

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