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Everything you need to know to keep your kids safe while cooking

On the Road

Each Year Nearly 500 Pedestrians Ages 19 and Under Are Killed

At Play

Everything you need to know to keep your kids safe from dehydration
At Play

AS POPULARITY GROWS SO DO INJURIES: Here's Some Advice to Keep You Jumping

The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants you and your family to be safe when using trampolines.

The CPSC estimates that in 2001 there were 91,870 hospital emergency room-treated injuries associated with trampolines. About 93 percent of the victims were under 15 years of age, and 11 percent were under 5 years of age. Since 1990, CPSC has received reports of 6 deaths of children under age 15 involving trampolines. Injuries and deaths were caused by:

At Play

KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE: A Quick Checklist for Parents

Place this list in a prominent area of your home for quick reference. Then, before your children head out the door for the playground, check that:

Supervision is present, but strings and ropes aren't. Adult presence is needed to watch for potential hazards, observe, intercede and facilitate play when necessary. Strings on clothing or ropes used for play can cause accidental strangulation if caught on equipment.

On the Road

Bicycle Safety

Young people under the age of 17 are required to wear an approved helmet when cycling, roller skating, in-line skating, or skateboarding. Certainly best practice warrants helmets for ALL cyclists regardless of age.

At Play

Each year more than 800 children drown

You think that it could never happen to your family, but each year more than 800 children drown. These incidents are not only preventable
but predictable. Here are the five truths about children who drown and what you can do to help keep your children safe around water.

Truth #1 – Weak or No Supervision

Children drown quickly and silently—in a matter of seconds. Adults who were present when a child drowns were often distracted in some way, by talking on the phone, chatting with other adults around the pool, or reading.
What you can do about it:

At Home

21 million medical visits occur each year in our homes

Nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits occur each year in our homes. Visit the Home Safety Council and tour MySafeHome. There are hundreds of safety tips available for you.

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